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Beaver Belt Buckle (Pacific West Coast Series)


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This Beaver belt buckle is from our Pacific West Coast Series, portraying three partial beavers.  It is created out of dichroic glass in emerald green.  The buckle is silver plated, and the leather belt is included.

All of our pieces are created in our studio in North Vancouver, BC.  They are fired in the kiln one to three times depending on the piece, cold worked into their shape, annealed, and completed with any necessary silver work.

Please note that many of our dichroic glass pieces are very unique and often one of a kind.  As such, keep in mind that if you order more than one of the same piece they may not exactly match, though we will do our best to keep them as closely resembled to each other and to the one pictured on the website as possible.

Also, if you see a piece you like but would prefer it in a different size, colour, shape, format, etc. please let us know.  We may be able to create a custom piece for you.

We do wholesale orders as well – just contact us for more information.

Buckle Size:
1.65 by 1.4 inches
Belt Length:
48 inches (adjustable to any length shorter)
Belt Material: